Josef Franz Wagner

Wagner was the composer of a well known march called “Under the Double Eagle” in 1893. It has been so often performed by United States bands over the years that it could easily be mistaken to be an American patriotic work. What was the double eagle? J. F. Wagner was Austrian and the double eagleContinue reading “Josef Franz Wagner”

Sousa Band Audience Requests

The Clarksburg Telegram of Clarksburg, West Virginia in its issue of February 11, 1898 carried an article regarding requests that had been handed in at concerts of the Sousa Band. On one occasion, a note described as dainty read, “A society lady requests that you play the overture to “Tannahauser” [referring to “Tannhauser” by RichardContinue reading “Sousa Band Audience Requests”

A Brief History of African American Marching Bands

An overview of marching bands made up of African Americans from the 18th to the 20th century: As early as 1738, free mulatos, blacks, and Native Americans residing in Virginia were required to serve in the military. They were not however permitted to carry firearms. From these early days, the musical traditions of African AmericanContinue reading “A Brief History of African American Marching Bands”

Music of the Civil War

The Kennedy Center explores the topic of band music during the Civil War. (Image credit: See the full article below:

The Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band

The origin of this band dates back to the 1880s when President Lawrence Sullivan “Sul” Ross invited a Czechoslovakian immigrant named Joseph Holick to make boots for the cadets on the college campus in central Texas. The story continues that Holick, a cobbler by trade, also played the clarinet and had some capability as aContinue reading “The Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band”

How a Band Helped Win WWII in the Pacific

A Navy band was displaced by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. Once they were bandsmen, they became cryptoanalysts, operating out of “Pearl.” They used their unique talents to break the Japanese code.

United States Marine Band

The United States Marine Band is believed to be the oldest military band and the oldest performing organization in the country, having been authorized by an act of Congress July 11, 1798. This is the band known as “The President’s Own” because of its unique relationship to the President of the United States. Outgoing PresidentContinue reading “United States Marine Band”