Harry James and Circus Bands

Trumpeter Harry Haag James was born on March 15, 1916 to Everett Robert James and Maybelle Myrtle James in Albany, Georgia. His father played trumpet and was working as a conductor for traveling circus bands. His mother also had a circus background, but as a performer. She had been an acrobat and horseback rider. EverettContinue reading “Harry James and Circus Bands”

Charles E. Duble

Charles Edward Duble was a trombonist and composer born on September 13, 1884 in Jeffersonville, Indiana. During his performing career of over twenty years, he played with a number of circus, vaudeville and minstrel bands including the Sun Brothers Circus, John Robinson’s Big Ten Shows, Barnum and Bailey’s Greatest Show on Earth and the RinglingContinue reading “Charles E. Duble”