Dr. Archibald Clyde Roller

A. Clyde Roller (1914-2005) was a music professor, conductor and clinician. His primary personal instrument was oboe. Dr. Roller was a well known and requested clinician in the southwest, while he lived in Amarillo, Texas, but he also had a national reputation. While living in the Panhandle of Texas, he conducted youth ensembles for severalContinue reading “Dr. Archibald Clyde Roller”

Karl L. King

Karl Lawrence King was one of the most prolific composers of American marching band music, penning almost 300 works. He was born in Paintersville, Ohio in 1891. The story is told that at age eleven, Karl bought a cornet with money he had earned selling newspapers. By that time, his family had moved to Canton,Continue reading “Karl L. King”

Carmen Dragon

Carmen Dragon was a noted composer, arranger and conductor. He was born July 28, 1914 in Antioch, California to a family of Italian heritage. He died in Los Angeles on March 28, 1984. According to his obituary in the New York Times, by his teens he had learned to play the piano, string bass, accordion,Continue reading “Carmen Dragon”

Claudio S. Grafulla

Claudio Grafulla was born in 1810 (some sources say 1812) on the island of Minorca, a Mediterranean possession of Spain. He was a french horn player and moved to the United States when he was twenty-eight years old. Living in New York, he was a member of Napier Lothier’s Band, part of the 7th RegimentContinue reading “Claudio S. Grafulla”

Sousa Comes to Amarillo, 1925

“Boy Soprano Cared More for Cave Than Warbling for Sousa” This was a headline in the Fort Worth Star Telegram, December 24, 1925. The great band leader had come to the Panhandle to do a concert. Thirteen year old “Balie” (actually spelled Bailey) Warren had been invited to sing for the Sousa Band over theContinue reading “Sousa Comes to Amarillo, 1925”

Henry Fillmore

Composer Henry Fillmore was born December 3, 1881 in Cincinnati, Ohio. His father was James Henry Fillmore, a composer of gospel songs. Henry was something of a musical prodigy and as a youth, he learned to play the piano, guitar, violin, flute and trombone, which incidentally became his favored instrument. He was educated at theContinue reading “Henry Fillmore”