Earle Harry Hagen – “The Famous Composer Nobody Ever Heard Of”

One of the wonderful songs in our large “book” of music is called “Harlem Nocturne.” Linked below is an excellent biography of the composer by Wayne S. Walker. The author provides an interesting look into the life and musical career of Mr. Hagen.

El Degüello / El Dagüello

What music should be associated with the Alamo? There are at least two pieces that are known as El Degüello (alternatively spelled El Dagüello or simply the “Americanized” Deguello). The first is a bugle call traditionally thought to have been played by the Mexican Army and the second is a hauntingly beautiful melody that appearsContinue reading “El Degüello / El Dagüello”

Josef Franz Wagner

Wagner was the composer of a well known march called “Under the Double Eagle” in 1893. It has been so often performed by United States bands over the years that it could easily be mistaken to be an American patriotic work. What was the double eagle? J. F. Wagner was Austrian and the double eagleContinue reading “Josef Franz Wagner”

Brothers of John Philip Sousa

Antony August Sousa (1868-1918) – He went by the nickname “Tony” and was known as an athlete, composer, author, poet and newspaperman among his other talents. At the time of his death, he had been a government employee for 33 years. His athletic talents and interests included baseball and cricket and while in Washington wasContinue reading “Brothers of John Philip Sousa”

Sousa’s Unfinished March

Classical composer Franz Schubert lived from 1797 to 1828. During his lifetime, Schubert composed many works including seven complete symphonies. His eighth symphony was begun in 1822, but not finished. By the time Schubert died, he had completed two movements of this composition and two other fragments of movements which may or may not haveContinue reading “Sousa’s Unfinished March”

Dr. Archibald Clyde Roller

A. Clyde Roller (1914-2005) was a music professor, conductor and clinician. His primary personal instrument was oboe. Dr. Roller was a well known and requested clinician in the southwest, while he lived in Amarillo, Texas, but he also had a national reputation. While living in the Panhandle of Texas, he conducted youth ensembles for severalContinue reading “Dr. Archibald Clyde Roller”

Heritage Brass Band’s Favorite Marches

The Heritage Brass Band has enjoyed performing marches for many years. We are happy to announce that we have created a playlist of our favorite marches on Spotify ™. If you already use the application please feel free to enjoy our playlist called the Heritage Brass Band’s Favorite Marches. This playlist can be enjoyed usingContinue reading “Heritage Brass Band’s Favorite Marches”