Sousa’s Unfinished March

Classical composer Franz Schubert lived from 1797 to 1828. During his lifetime, Schubert composed many works including seven complete symphonies. His eighth symphony was begun in 1822, but not finished. By the time Schubert died, he had completed two movements of this composition and two other fragments of movements which may or may not haveContinue reading “Sousa’s Unfinished March”

Sousa Band Audience Requests

The Clarksburg Telegram of Clarksburg, West Virginia in its issue of February 11, 1898 carried an article regarding requests that had been handed in at concerts of the Sousa Band. On one occasion, a note described as dainty read, “A society lady requests that you play the overture to “Tannahauser” [referring to “Tannhauser” by RichardContinue reading “Sousa Band Audience Requests”