Honoring Zach Brooks, 8/12/18

The band was delighted to participate in an event in Chatfield, Texas to honor World War I soldier Zach Brooks, an African American soldier from the area. The memorial service took place at Chatfield Baptist Church. Mr. Brooks was one of five individuals who died during the war, a rather high number for such aContinue reading “Honoring Zach Brooks, 8/12/18”

Sousa Comes to Amarillo, 1925

“Boy Soprano Cared More for Cave Than Warbling for Sousa” This was a headline in the Fort Worth Star Telegram, December 24, 1925. The great band leader had come to the Panhandle to do a concert. Thirteen year old “Balie” (actually spelled Bailey) Warren had been invited to sing for the Sousa Band over theContinue reading “Sousa Comes to Amarillo, 1925”